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BOPP Laminated Woven Bags

The most trending product of packaging industries now a day is BOPP Laminated Woven bags. BOPP Laminated Woven Bag is stands for Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene Laminated Woven Bag. BOPP laminated woven bags have an excellent photographic appearance and better weather resistance, which increases the shelf life of the product. The S.R. Industry is the foremost BOPP Laminated Woven Bags manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

BOPP Laminated Woven Bag has many different layers in the bag so it is also known as Multi layer bag. These BOPP bags composed of a polypropylene layer that is added as an additional layer. They are easily customized, clear and used for the different types of printing that can be easily printed on the bags and it is the main benefit of this layer. BOPP laminated woven is excellent packaging material for artistic and retail products.

The printing process is done through imprinted cylinders and Rotogravures reverse printing technology. They develop various customized designs for the particular product with the specific images and background colors, once the designs are finalized the cylinders are imprints the same designs. Thus BOPP Laminated Woven Bag have brought an effective revolution in the field of packaging, these bags increases value in your Brand name with its present and attractiveness.


The features of the BOPP Laminated Bags are as follows

  • BOPP Bag is available in the wide range of the different sizes and different designs.
  • These Designs on the bags make them look more attractive.
  • We can easily publish the product name, product details, brand name, brand information and company logo details in an attractive way.
  • BOPP Laminated Woven Bag possesses the longer shelf life.
  • Due to BOPP lamination, begs are long-lasting and can handle an excess weight.


  • BOPP Laminated Woven Mainly used for the packaging of the different flours.
  • BOPP Bags used for the packaging of the Fertilizers, Chemical, Seed, Animal Foods, etc.
  • It is used in packaging of Seeds, Fertilizers, Sugar, Food grains, Salt, etc.
  • These BOPP laminated bags are also used for Product or brand Promotion because all the product and brand information can easily print on bags.

We are the most prominent industry in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting the BOPP Laminated Woven bags in India.


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