HDPE Sheet Manufacturer

HDPE is Natural HDPE Sheet stands for High Density Polyethylene sheet. These sheets offer excellent sliding properties as well as good wear resistance and a high impact strength due to its moisture absorption. It is also FDA approved and is easy to weld and fabricate. High Density Polyethylene, it’s basically a thermoplastic which used for making Storage bottles, bottle caps, plastic bags, bins, laundry detergent bottles, watering cans, lawn and garden products. Natural HDPE sheet is also known for its non-toxic and non-staining capability and it is often chosen because of its food contact suitability and its excellent goods and for being extremely lightweight. HDPE is easily molded and transformed absolutely into any design or shape. HDPE sheet also feature a high chemical and impact resistance, but it also is resistant to insects, rotting, mildew and mold.

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