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We are producing BOPP WOVEN BAGS of different requirement for the packing of 5kgs, 10kgs, 20kgs, 50kgs and so forth with or without Handle, to meet customers’ explicit requirements. We have numerous fluctuations of BOPP bags like Bopp bag having handle, Bopp bag with gusset, Bopp imprinting on both side, Bopp bag with simple open. The outcome is a material with predominant quality at low measures, evenness, lucidity, and superb printability.

This development is in high demand because of its quality and unrivaled picture-like print quality. Printing is accomplished by applying the inks legitimately onto the film which is stick to a woven fabric utilizing an overlay covering. BOPP film is converse printed, bringing about a secured inside print (between the film and cover/woven fabric) which won’t scratch or be effortlessly harmed during ordinary use.

The BOPP bag’s allure incorporates dimensional security, most extreme water obstruction, and high effect illustrations that improve attractiveness, just as discretionary enemy of slide highlights. A key element is that a similar bundling hardware utilized for multiwall paper bags can be utilized to pack surprised BOPP bags. Bopp bags have gotten a developing upheaval the field of bundling, these bags builds an incentive to your Brand name with its presentation and appeal.


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