We are manufacturer of PP Woven bags, PP Woven Bags fabrics in Ahmedabad. They are well known for their strength ensured by a specific mesh covered by a plastic layer. Our bags are renowned for customer consistent sizing, strength and quality. PP Woven bags are considered more durable and cost efficient packing material in recent times for industries like sugar, fertilizer, cement, sandbags, etc. Our products are light weight, economical and easy to customize their demand. We can customize PP Woven bags as per individual requirements. We also provide different sizes with width, length and thickness of the product.

Our PP Woven bags are highly moisture repellent and we offer extremely economical Woven bags when compared to other brands of heavy packaging bags. It can be stored even in an open area. This material is protected from outside humidity and dust proof due to inside Polyethylene Liners and laminated woven. PP Woven Bags Manufacture has various physical properties that make it antibacterial and perfect for making heavy materials. We are offering a range with different types of raw materials in the product.

We have more materials for designing or pattern the products as per our customer requirements. We offer customized services for our assortment in regards to colors, logo, and capacity such as quantity of packaged material.  We check all our products on various industrial quality and parameters to offer the best quality food-grain packing bags. Not only for food grain packaging, but also for all constructions mill like chemical, fertilizers, etc. It also has the special feature of printing in blue, black and as per requirements. 

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