FIBC Jumbo Bags

We are the famous manufacturer and exporter of a broad scope of FIBC(Flexible intermediate bulk container)/Big Bags/Jumbo Bags that are accessible in different sizes and are offered to different enterprises, for example, synthetics, colors intermediates, pharmaceuticals, minerals, rubber, sugar and so forth. These FIBC Jumbo Bags are generally refreshing because of alluring details. We are prestigious broadly and universally for assembling and providing great quality FIBC/Big Bags/Jumbo Bags. We offer Jumbo Bags which are otherwise called the Bulk Bags are generally appropriate for capacity and conveying the reasons for strong materials. These are intended to hold a huge scope of materials securely and advantageously.

FIBC’s are utilized for putting away and moving free streaming dry materials, for example, powder, drops or granular structure. Certain structures, known as Flexi-tanks, for treatment of fluids are additionally accessible. FIBC Jumbo Bags are three dimensional bags made for weight conveying limit extending between 0.5 ton to 2 ton (at times more) and are made of adaptable UV settled woven texture. They are accessible in assortment of structures like single circle, twofold circle, 4 circle and so on, and here and there additionally have gushes for filling and release of materials.

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